little flat


every day i marvel

at the way the sun rises

and floods these wooden floors

from a slightly different angle

as summers and winters go.

you find us at the top

of creaking flights of stairs

in the red corner building

with the restaurant down below.

if you open one of these windows

the cacophony stays afar

but the ducks down in the streets

hail to their canal.

i hung up little writings

up on these slanted walls

from poetry and scripture

in pencil and in ink.

he planted a little palm tree,

and another little guy,

and tomatoes by their side,

and tulips just outside.

we collect little and share much,

walk around barefoot,

invite people to come over,

and practice nowadays headstands.

it’s become ours only recently,

this little tribal place,

and it’s the most charming one i know

in all the universe!