TRP: Lineage

Homegoing, this exquisite collection of short stories written by Yaa Gyasi, recounts the lives of two Ghanaian half-sisters. In each chapter, we advance one generation in a beautifully interwoven manner, following the family tree down about 300 years.

We start on the Ghanaian coast, travel through different tribes, villages and conflicts, and later-on follow packed slave ships to America. There, the biographies become urgently contemporary. The deep-seated and wide-spread narrative of racism becomes multi-dimensional.

Even though the chapters only grant brief glimpses into the subsequent biographies of the shared family lineage, they all witness an ingenious emotional completeness. In and between these chapters, my emotions reached from riveting sadness to soaring joy.

Thusly, and for many more reasons, I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a better understanding of contemporary movements such as Black Lives Matter and the like.