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One of Two

Well in my mind, there are two

types of reactions to anything

out there, anywhere, at anytime:

I can have my expectations of

what the truth will turn out to

be and then feel all defensive

and protective when the reality

does not turn out to be wanting

to do me that favor. Motivated

reasoning probably is more telling

about my insecurities than any

real revelation. Or – I can remain

curious, without any predictive

emotional ties to what the eventual

outcome will turn out to be and

then accept the truth, or truths,

as they arise, as they present themselves

to me, only one of many students. So,

if what’s at stake is disappointment,

isn’t today the day to let lose these

expectations and make room for growth,

childlike curiosity, and real inquiry?




About Marie-Sophie Guntram

Marie-Sophie is a language lover at heart and a linguist by training. She's currently seeking to make a living and, more importantly, a life.

One comment on “One of Two

  1. micky0107
    July 26, 2016

    Children are living curiosity…
    Curiosity is willing to learn…
    Learning is evolving, expanding, understanding…
    Understanding is tolerance…
    Tolerance is freedom…

    Stay curious, my child!

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This entry was posted on July 20, 2016 by in writing some poetry.