Bielefeld, Berlin

…and other seemingly nearby places:

And so neither time nor space 

remain merely stagnant axes 

but turn to universes vast,

when the suitcase and those shoes 

wait by the door, 

as impatiently as my heart,

to walk on through the frame 

and question anew 

– and find again –

all the things once learned and loved. 

If one thing breaks all perceptions

and misconceptions of conventions

– of what’s supposed to be 

and when it ought to be done –

it’s that one-way ticket trip. 

…It’s leaving all the knowns

and letting the steps themselves 

teach the eyes and the mind 

and nudge it toward a new 

and yet so familiar place. 

The magic lies in movement, 

and it all starts with that tickle 

between these cheeky toes.