street yoga

We’re built to look forward, and forward only.

Perhaps we summon left and right

when crossing streets and rivers

but once we’re on the road again,

it’s only ever straight on—

especially when we’re racing

against others once again.

But then, when you fold at the hip

and go down—and down some more,

and your head comes through the other side

things begin to change:

they’re upside down and flipped around

and don’t resemble at all

the vision we’re used to!

Our vessels, too, begin to feel

an inundation strong

and get more juices than ever before

and react imminently so.

In this position, we cannot walk

or we’ll fall over hard

but we can hold on to one constant thing—

and that doesn’t even exist;

it’s the horizon between heaven and earth

and suggesting that perhaps,

those two lovers may not always be

up and down the way

we’ve only ever known.