TRP: The Supervisor’s Recommendation

every day by David Leviathan is a wild, beautiful, frustrating, fast, nuanced, and enlightening teenage love story—of quite a different kind.

She is a regular high school student in the US. The person falling in love with her is… stuck in a different teenage body every day! …Boy, girl, tall, transgender, religious, gay, with a disability, with a mental illness, obese, sporty, suicidal, it’s all there! All of these different external and internal identity traits wrap around A’s core anew every morning, while Rhiannon stays… not the same, but herself. Phew! As the chapters and days and personalities flew by, I found myself more and more frustrated about the lack of the predicable permanence of the beautifully mortal aspects of love: A’s missing body, missing steady identity in time and space, missing connection to one familial system!

Above all, however, this book helped me gain a much deeper appreciation for the physical manifestation of love within my romantic relationship—as well as for all of my different students! Highly recommended if you are up for a fast ride through unfamiliar spaces!