TRP: Ian McEwan II

This book was recommended to me by the very same colleague after I finished my first Ian McEwan. I am aware that if I continue my little reading project like this, I will read all books of one author but not many authors at all… but here it goes, my review:

I put Ian McEwan’s The Children Act away with the tears still in my eyes and the echo of the ending still connecting to its strands from the beginning: another perfectly framed storyline, another fascinating and ethically charged topic!

Two precarious situations are juxtaposed: a marriage between a family judge and her husband is falling apart, and the life of a teenage boy is threatened by leukemia—and his devout belief that he cannot accept the saving blood transfusion. The judge now faces the task of mandating this medical treatment for the boy, which he, the Jehova’s witness, firmly denies based on strict church teachings. Inevitably, the two meet, though their encounter is more bizarrely constructed as could have ever been foreseen.

Who ends up saving whom in the end remains my personal questions to ponder; however, once again, McEwan superbly succeeds at drawing me in, keeping me close for two intense days, and leaving me with the perfect aftertaste.