The Reading Project

This year is my year of (heaps of pleasure) reading. Based off a friend’s reading initiative, I’ve recently asked 12 people who are dear to me for a variety of reasons to share a book recommendation with me, and their titles are from all genres and formats and sizes.

Some of these people are my friends, some are family, some of them are colleagues from the past and present, two are supervisors of mine, and one is a man I only met once, briefly, but have admired since. All of them have in common that their words, spirits, and work inspires me.

If they didn’t kindly and surprisingly sent me their recommendations right away, I mass-ordered their titles off Amazon and immediately began reading. I will post little book reviews on the way. Here’s the first one – one of many to come, hopefully!


January 11-13, 2016

Ian McEwan’s “The Cement Garden”, recommended by a current colleague from school

Even though the sticky and never-ending summer heat lays itself mercilessly down on all remaining life in the almost deserted street outside of the unknown town, the pulse of this story carries the reader swiftly from the deaths of both parents via an innocently incestuous relationship between siblings into the cement-filled basement where eventually and tragically, foul smells reveal a rotting secret. Quick read, disturbing all the way through, with a distinct aftertaste. An absolute must-read!