something_s we make


loving partner and friends.

fulfilling job and income.

bank account and savings.

running car and apartment.

insurance plans of sorts and health care.

a phone and working contract.

tax payments ahead.

is this what they call adulthood,

these color-coded folders

with documentation of all of the above?

if yes, hello there responsibility!

if there’s more to it,

can it be messy too, or should I better not ask for it

or I’ll jinx my luck?

if that’s the case, anyone else out there

who wants to go out for a drink?

About Marie-Sophie Guntram

Marie-Sophie is a language lover at heart and a linguist by training. She's currently seeking to make a living and, more importantly, a life.

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This entry was posted on August 11, 2015 by in writing some poetry.