A Summer School in Sentences

For the past two weeks (the last two weeks of July), my fellow TFD fellows and I taught summer school for 9th graders in Berlin. These two weeks may have been among the most amazing, life-changing weeks of my life …probably because they involved teaching, learning, and a whole lotta living!
  1. (Tue) Sharing an apartment in Berlin with 12 people, and I thought college is over?!! 😀
  2. (Wed) Reunited with one part of the NRW team as of 8 o’clock this morning – I couldn’t be happier to work with these people!
  3. (Thu) Checked out some amazing Berlin swing dancing last night and met a friend from Boston, what are the odds?!
  4. (Fri) Our English classroom looks like the perfect little get-away spot with its gaming hall, bar, etc. and I’m intending to keep it that way for my own classroom!
  5. (Sat) It’s the weekend in Berlin, and I’m spending my time strolling around flea markets, coffee slurping, sight-seeing, and swing dancing!
  6. (Sun) Sunday mass at the Catholic cathedral with the craziest summer thunder storm outside – ominous and beautiful at the same time! And… met a swing dancer in the service!
  8. (Tue) The English team won the kick-off battle this morning! …What can I say, they are, as they named themselves, simply The Professionals!
  9. (Wed) Gave my first English lesson this morning and I swear, from now on, I am Ms. Guntram, the much cooler version of my last name!
  10. (Thu) When preparation and inspiration meet, everything good inside of me wants out!
  11. (Fri) One of the girls came out to me today. It’s only been a week, and I’m already prouder than proud of them!
  12. (Sat) Got bangs early this morning to kick off my teaching career with a BANG!
  13. (Sun) Let’s all let our lights shine bright and spend lazy Sunday afternoons in laundromats and read poetic little notes right on the curb!
  14. (Mon) One of my students has two dads and two moms, one is from Syria and wants to become a policeman to protect ALL people who live in Berlin, and one asked me if I believe in magic. I sure do, Sir, and even more so believe people and love!
  15. (Tue) Ups and downs and roller coaster feelings all around! Also, I used hairspray instead of deodorant. …It’s been that kind of a day.
  16. (Wed) Still roller-coaster-ing but today more so inside of me, not the team. Not going swing dancing tonight, it’s time to run for a while.
  17. (Thu) Received some moving words – as part of a secret little series, it seems. And replied.
  18. (Fri) More moving words all around, stellar certificates for the best summer students ever, two surprise-roses, many hugs, even more tears, and a final meeting inside the little bubble. Leaving the school for one last time, hopping on the train to a different world of mine, and realizing that purpose has come – and come to stay for a while!