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always more swing love, always more…

I’m dancing five times this week wahoooo, and if this four-day dance-high wasn’t all-encompassing enough, I made a little list with all the things I love about swing:

  • The music is so upbeat, you just have to start tapping your feet… all you need is… perhaps shoes and good grounds underneath them!
  • So now that you’re moving, you start moving more and always MORE and before you know it you find yourself changing tops for the third time…!
  • When everyone is moving, why not offer and/or accept and do it together!
  • Everyone can lead, everyone can follow, personhood comes first!
  • Any place is perfect, a room, a beach, the sidewalk…
  • The more you communicate and are willing to try together, the more you can improvise and make it your very own! Dancing is basically brave thoughts and creative tries and communicative signals!
  • …We get to start over every three minutes, with new rhythms, new words, new partners! What kind of life is that!

…And now, it’s time to put my dance shoes on and go out there! See you on the dance floor, swing lovers! 

About Marie-Sophie Guntram

Marie-Sophie is a language lover at heart and a linguist by training. She's currently seeking to make a living and, more importantly, a life.

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This entry was posted on March 25, 2015 by in writing some poetry.