Ecclesiastes’s Reminiscence (*Or that of Kohelet)

So I guess down here

it comes down to this:

it’s all meaningless:

the good and the bad,

all ignorance, and wisdom too,

all wars and all peace,

all loves and hates,

and all of our tries!

Whether that’s unfortunate

or relieving or revealing,

above all, it seems to simply be true!


So I ask:

Is ‘meaningless’ and ‘senselessness’

the same as, equal to, synonymous with

equal? As in

‘nothing matters’?


I ask:

Does someone care, down here,

Or elsewhere?

And: Can I?


Because I’ve got my lipstick out,

am determined to walk that stride of pride

and can be found trying to make the best of it!

…My very own best of it.

(Or is it someone else’s too,

Or should it be?)


Regardless of these existential importances,

this text, oh this twelve-part text,

it has spoken to me

with such truth, such beauty, such poetry!

This text, dealing with meaninglessness of human life,

is giving me such joy to be alive!

…Maybe naming what’s real

makes all the meaning

and all the difference