Credo of a Philologist

I believe that in every beginning,

there is a word

and that words of kindness, truth, and necessity

can hold paradisiac spaces

for every human being

right here,

right now.


I believe that a word spoken into darkness and fear

will rise like the sun

and lift all of us up immeasurably.


I believe that colons ground meaning in examples,

that ellipses leave space for that next breath,

and that question marks bring us closer together.


I believe in song and speechlessness,

both of which cradle unbridled joy

and a much greater truth at their core.

– –

I believe that words strung together make stories

that evolve and change over time,

and need to do so, and need never be stopped,

so they can better serve us

with epiphany and revelation

when the time is ripe,

when everything arrives exactly as it must.