Summed Up


So let me sum this up.


The origin of human life resides in luck

tinted with a splash

of evolutionary preference.

(…And possibly irony, but

the question remains: of whom?)

Furthermore, evolutionary preference also seems

to skew responsibility toward

positions of privilege

so that those who frequently

hunger may have

a harder time accepting

tolerantly the views of their opponents.

However, since humans have the choice

to move from animalistic behaviors

toward willed responses and affect

not only their own life

but that of others around them,

(…and not just locally –

after all, this is the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution -)


can exercise control over this

naturally favoring system

and increase the likelihood of so-called lucky


This kind of control, in turn, has

distorted natural cycles

running through life

to death and back to life again.


to the advantage of the human condition,


not so much

at all.


Now for those who ask “Why?”.

You may. It is your right. You have

gotten to the point where you are

in the position to decide if

you can make it through,

knowing that none of this

will ever be purposive

let alone fulfilling,

(…if you don’t make it so, maybe

can’t, maybe

don’t know how to.)

All we can ever really know is that all

of this will definitely be nothing

but over

at a point you cannot control most

of the time.

I agree with you on that.


And if you stay.

(There seems to belong a ‘,nonetheless’

here, for many of you, right?!)

There’s the possibility of

creation by choice.

At times equated with love.

Have you tried it.

Has it tried you.

It changes everything.