Blogaversary IV

Earlier today, the statistician of this blog provider informed me that today is Alltagsmagie’s 4th anniversary! What a wonderful celebration!

Since I secretly absolutely adore anniversaries (of sorts), I want to take a few moments to reflect on the four years that this little blog has existed. These years contain a spontaneous first step toward writing publicly, countless transitions regarding my view of public works, and an on-going passion for words.

On Monday, February 7, 2011, I was sitting at my college dorm desk, ostensibly moved by something: according to my diary entry from that day, I had spent the day in poetry class, having the longest lunch with ‘the girls’, and running a 10k to the Washington Monuments in the evening – even though the weather was the grossest! In the lower right corner of the diary page, it reads, in my ever-horrible hand-writing:

“What if the magic is… real?”

I’m not entirely sure if this question was the result of an endorphin-fuled high or a pseudo-philosophic attempt to capture the corny feelings of an unjaded teen. However, I do know that it compelled me to build this little corner in the anonymous vastness called internet with personal poetry. The question has not only become its title – it’s stayed with me ever since!

After my first couple of entries, I began asking myself what publishing personal poetry even means; after all, I write about familial dynamics, romantic encounters, and personal thoughts. Throughout my changing views, three maxims remained integral to the larger endeavor:

1) My work is autobiographical but stripped of all names and other identifying markers.

2) When in doubt about a text, I sleep on it.

3) Curse-words are only used as spices.

These guidelines have, above all, increased the intentionality and clarity of my writing. And at the end of the day, I desire that my father would disagree with Otto Frank when he states: “I don’t think we can ever really know our children.”

The other strategy I use when deciding on what to publish is to avoid superfluous ‘nots’: if my writing becomes too negative, I am acting from a place of immediate anger, not sobered tenderness. This usually leads to brevity and boredom in my larger creative process. If, however, my voice remains positive, my little anecdotes from daily life can carry a fascinating mixture of epiphany and revelation. And this, in my opinion, is the sole origin of magic.

When I say magic, I mean a kind of personal awareness that embeds daily moments into a meaningful context. Since my body tends to react fairly viscerally to all sorts of caressings of life, I usually feel moments of magic in my tickling nose, twitching hands and tapping feet. It makes me throw my head back and laugh with an unbridled sense of joy.

And so at the end of this fabulous day, I make a toast to many more years in this corner of the internet: may there be more crazy and full and loud life to write about, more words to trace the silhouette of this life with, and plenty of meaning that makes this life understandable and enjoyable!

And to you: thank you for staying awhile! I appreciate it and would love to hear from you soon!