in summer

will you sit with me

on the hood

of our car

the turquoise one

the one we will own

or maybe borrow from the neighbors

the neighbors we might not have

if we live in a painted trailer

and call the prairies our garden

but will you

will you sit there with me

on a blanket

in the grass

in one of those warm summer nights

that we might have to go far away for

or just find outside our doorstep

who knows

and stroke my braided hair

still braided from the day before

so falling apart a little

and wear a black bowler hat

and a button-down shirt

unbuttoned all the way

and a pair of ripped jeans and worn sneakers

and let me lean on your shoulder

while we watch the movie

and share a little popcorn

and drink fresh lemonade

and then dance at the end

slowly and tightly

while credits flow up and up

as sweet tunes disappear

into the warm night air

and then hold and kiss me

there on the great lawn

in the tall grass

beneath the night skies

the black and blue ones

and then fall over with me

still in the embrace

now giggling

then roll off a bit

just out of sight

tucked away

in one of the older bushes

with thick stems and rugged leaves

and stay there

until morning comes

will you