On this eve of ends and new beginnings, a few familiar threads naturally remain on the loose. And while I’m absolutely unsure as to where they will lead or what kind of role they play in the larger knittings, all my excitement supremely outweighs any doubt or suspicion. Here are a few of the ones I’d like to continue making my winter coat with. And then my spring shirt and skirt, maybe a light little summer dress.

The writings, oh the writings. I’ve recently received a stunning and very intact typewriter from 1953! Holding the first finished two-pager in my hands, I realize that the kind of writing of these thirty-some keys is very different from the kind my hands are used to: the words come a lot less easily, partly because they are so much more final once they’re chosen, but then they present themselves so much more charmingly on the plain white! Truly, the finished page seems to carry so much more meaning than an electronically printed product! Ah, I cannot wait to explore and compose draft after draft! …And even if I cannot take my little travel typewriter to cafes and other public spaces (it is even louder than I am!), it can help me christen my little work desk at home into one that’s ready for thoughts and purpose.

Swing, sweet swing. I mean, I sort of knew this tread wouldn’t be left untouched in the months to come, but feeling this immense joy flood my veins and bones as this tune comes on, I am reminded of how important dancing has become in my life. In the year ahead, I look forward to dancing in all sorts of rooms and spaces, with all kinds of souls and spirits, and listen to so very many old and new sweet tunes. …Until the windows fog up entirely in the wintertime and until all of them remain completely open, even so very late at night, once summer’s begun…

Love. Duh. But wait—I don’t just hope that my love for my family and friends and the world continues to prosper; while that’s also important, I am shifting to other people’s loves here: recently, a few close friends of mine got engaged! ENGAGED! TO BE MARRIED! While I come from a family without a single divorce in the nuclear orbit, marriage and other forms of committed partnerships continue to remain the single most fascinating thing to me in this life. I absolutely cannot wait to learn more about love’s magnitudes and depths and words—with and through my friends’ faithful commitments to one another!

Purpose. I’ve mentioned it once already, and I’d like to pick it up again, not only because I love everything about this word, including its perfectly round presentation, beautifully sharp pronunciation, and promising interpretative aura. So far, I’d say I’ve caught magical glimpses of it in my life and being (the metrics are an entirely different conversation—one, which we can have late at night over a cup of strong), and I’m ready for more epiphanies. Or maybe they’re revelations? Either way, 2015, you’ll carry anecdotal value, won’t you?

Tonight, on the cusp of change, I long for continuity, adventure, and learning. (And just the right amount of all of it, please, thanksverymuch. …No, this is not a wish list, not at all, nor is it a prayer, there’s just so much eager anticipation for what’s yet to come… all around…) Because it keeps on getting better!

See you on the flipside,

With love,