This Space


I’m so grateful to call this little corner of the internet my own. (…And to call it maybe even a little bit magical…)

Here, right here, I am compelled to think, not imitate, speak, not babble, and, of course, write – not scribble or doodle or waste precious tropical trees. In this space, there’s something at stake: meaning proposed by me and interpreted by you. Isn’t that something!

And while in that meaning-making process, I can be loud and dirty and provocative, I try not to be arbitrarily profane. …Not just because there are kids in the room right now, but, you know, it’s good to sprinkle the good stuff like just the right amount of fresh hot chilly peppers on a delicious pasta dish…

And while some of my poetry can be sweet and soft, I’d never equate it with soft-spokenness or even submissiveness. The ever-strong woman in me (specific examples from the last 24h: …who can’t even accept a perfect breakfast or open door or carried bag or evening massage) can finally relax a bit, be a little tender, and then, just perhaps, be a little vulnerable. And not imminently run for the hills. (Surprise-admission: It feels… nice!)

And then there’s You. While you scare the heck out of me sometimes, this endeavor wouldn’t actually be possible without you. So when you feel that I’m freaking out, don’t let me push you away or censor myself, because that just wouldn’t be fair – for you or for me or the words. Just stay for a while, will you?

And so this funny little space behaves like a little garden that needs tending and watering and sunning (, even though I’ve only ever killed the actual plants that were given to me). Here, the words can grow and take on lives on their own and make space for either more meaning or… new ones all together!

So thanks for this little blogspace, you internetgurus! It’s a good thing, and I shall take it (mostly) seriously.

PS: Speaking of bloggings – I’d have loved to see Mary’s pregnancy diary. …Especially the end, you know, for youth hostel standards and field training for medical personell and refugee policy purposes…