This is not poetic.


I feel a little heavy today.

And I feel like I shouldn’t really say much because other women are eight months pregnant right now or puffed up with medication or tied to their beds for other reasons. And no, I’m not pregnant, not puffed up, nor am I tied to my bed. I just feel… heavy today.

Heavy in the sense that while yes, there may just be enough droplets in my veins to fill up an ocean, today, that ocean is probably having a blast imitating the Pacific.

Heavy in the sense that while there may just enough skin pores on my torso and limbs to mirror the world’s sand dunes, today, a winter storm brought them all into the same spot…

Heavy in the sense that while yes, there may very well be an entire universe somewhere in my pupils, it’s a pretty vast one tonight.

So tonight, I’ve decided to just lie down and let the sand dunes and ocean and universe simply rest for a bit. Maybe there’ll be winds of sorts in the morning, promising winds.

That’d be nice, thanksverymuch and that’sitfortoday.