If the departure deploys all dreams,

Then the voyage will rebut all riddles.

If adventure delivers his liver and intestines,

Then his longing won’t resist the temptation.

If the atlas seduces her at night,

Then his jaw will propagate man’s rules.

If the map forges all plans,

Then silence will exacerbate the lockdown.

If the winding roads distort these old myths,

Then their bodies will adhere to the legends.

If their steps outline the silhouette of the mountain,

Then their questions will comprise their fears.

If the roof breaches the gorge,

Then his eyes will attract the universe.

If the shards nullify their insecurities,

Then the hound will lead them into the orient.

If the stars foresee, maybe illuminate alternatives,

Then youthful praises will affirm the plea.

If the door diverges from freedom’s definition,

Then her careful strokes will illustrate the meaning.

If their dreams don’t disavow the obvious,

Then her belly will delineate the planets.

If heaven compromises like her lips,

Then their absence will contradict their promise.

If the arrival masters poise,

Then his desires will measure her fertility.

If the wind garners ignorance,

Then the burdens will dominate the lands.

If their love reconfigures banks of quicksand,

Then isolation will investigate their true fabrics.