something_s we make



A: question
B: answer question
A: question restated
B: ah yes ok
thinking story
beginning middle end
middle details middle abstract
search meaning
fear judgement
blushed cheeks
understand perhaps
A: oh yea absolutely
nod think
but why
B: and you
please or
A: sometime somewhere yes
memory image pain
difference questions plague
gone alone
B: meaning together
with wish
intrinsic imminent
human condition iteration personal
reflection humility peace
A: yes
B: healing
A: yes
B: search
A: where to
B: never know
never endings
A: no never ever
B: thank you
A: no you
relief open
B: bye
A: bye
linger stall
B: until soon

About Marie-Sophie Guntram

Marie-Sophie is a language lover at heart and a linguist by training. She's currently seeking to make a living and, more importantly, a life.

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This entry was posted on December 13, 2014 by in writing some poetry.