If yesterday at noon,

there were roughly 7,276,364,057 people on this planet,

and if yesterday afternoon,

we all could have had it our way—change the things we want—

then by the time yesterday evening came around,

there would have been (at least) 7,276,364,057 different planets

splintering off ours.

We each might have had our perfect places.

But instead, yesterday evening,

two of the 7 billion people on this planet did not envision a better place,

just took it for what it is:

they ran along soft hillsides and long riverbanks,

waited for the night trains to pass,

and saw the moon’s reflection going for a midnight swim.

There, right at their feet, lay a breathing creation

that isn’t finished, may not always turn out as planned, and will break our hearts.

And yet, it is willing to give



And so for a brief moment, yesterday night, on our blue planet,

togetherness triumphed over perfection

and left behind the lingering hope of progress:

if only we try.