Ubiquitous Companionship

– 2 –

How come every new day follows every dark night

can enemies be friends,

and do frequencies become a rarity at times?

Why is the past as immobile as stone

and the future always in motion,

and can remembrance ever learn to forget?

Can action wait,

do the heavens need our earth,

just as left reaches out to right,

and does right ever provoke being wrong?

Does the sun ever long to be dim,

can the stars unlearn to shine,

and does the man in the moon ever dress up as a woman?

Can a rainbow play chess,

is water ever hungry,

and will a shark sing in a tree one day?

What happens when upstairs falls down,

can freedom get captured,

and does shallow ever long to be deep?

Can opportunity only rise from grant

and refusal really bear no fruit?

Is showing up always a matter of presence

or can absence be meaningful, too?

Can few feel like so many,

and does togetherness sometimes feel lonely?

How come puberty is young

while wrinkles are old,

does green ever want to stop

and encourage red to go,

and can an entrance escape through the exit?

Is normal ever bored,

can the exception feel exposed,

and do rules dream about getting broken?

Can stories be told silently,

can yes long to say no at times

and aren’t some questions simply the answer?

Are life and death better companions

than we could ever fathom,

if God can be a child

so bare and lonely and poor?