She’s present.
She’s alert and aware,
always ready to share,
though she may not say what you want to hear.
She’s never to be had
nor is she ever to be kept
though always up for a chat
as long as you’re honest with her
and with yourself.
She’s happy,
and loudly so,
and she’s joyful
and infectiously so
to you
and to everyone.
She’s unapologetic
and bold
and so empathetic
and quite visibly so;
she never hides.
She’s big in hopes
and small in fears
and she knows that she only way is
She’s perfect to lean onto.
She’s rare
and unique,
though not screamingly so,
just enough to shine
in ways only she can.
She’s humble and she’s honest;
she’s whole
and never in need of saving. Although she’s searching, she’ll admit.
She’s a daughter to two
and sister to two more,
and friend to many,
and the sunshine to you,
isn’t she.
She’s warm and she’s light;
she radiates always.
She’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. She’s so beautiful.
She’s at peace with the world
and in love with its people
though make no mistake,
she’s no fool,
oh no.
She’s risky
and cheekily so,
and she’s free.
She’s free
and fiercely so
from birth and through every new spring.
She’s all that
and always more,