times of twos

i’m on my back,
bare limbs and thoughts
in the summertime.
as i squint into the light blue sky
and feel the grass beneath me
i wonder if the horizon goes right through 
my toes and belly and eyes
for that other person looking over
from yonder far away. 
between heaven and earth
and you and me
the space is equally
as wide and big and oh so blue
that i ask why God must waste
all this precious color just to stay unseen
throughout this summertime.
because really, I feel, this time of year, 
was made for twos and pairs
and couples of sorts, like you and me – 
so why are you not here?!
but then a little summer breeze
takes that thought right away
out of my mind so cheekily 
and into the clear blue air.
still laying here, 
still bare and blue, 
i’ve come to see the truth:
i am still here
and you are still there
and God’s still hiding away!
and until our time
comes and nudges us out
of this place and into next seasons,
i get up from the grass to walk home
because it’s suppertime.