With the bloodstained blade of death,

they tried to engrave His name into the old wood

so His name would soon disappear

into dust, too.

In the tomb,

they had tried to keep His remains,

so they would rot away,


and turn into dust, too.

Fear-ridden and filled with desperation,

they made a pact with death,

the debters and the doubters,

never realizing that the remainder of their victory would only ever be


But on the third day,

the remainder of their victory

was only an empty tomb,

and open, empty tomb.

Ascending from this lowly life,

the King of Life defied death

and simply let them wonder.

And so the Author of Life

reframed the entire human existence with hope

so that it might never have to end with the cross

ever again,

so that we might live, infinitely live,


every single day.