And so serendipity said:

If you look for me, unchain yourself from algorithms and predictability. Walk away from all beeps and lights and distractions.

Instead, choose the road of uncertainty, that of possibility. And do so completely naked. …Yes, you heard me.

As surprise comes at you around the corner with a full-on body-hug, lean into it. …Yes, even if it jiggles. Breathe it in and let it lift you off the ground. Even if you lose balance, trust that it’ll be ok.

Once you’ve landed again, give yourself some time to stand. Stand there and just notice how you feel. Breathe a little, rest a little.

Then, take a first step. Take another one. Then twirl once and twice, and again and again. Notice the lessons learned and the progress made.

That, you should celebrate. Boldly and loudly with everyone you know. Feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair. Let loose. This is your life.

And as the night lays itself upon you softly, gently, rest your head on a friend’s rising and falling belly. Sleep as long as you can. Everything in life takes time, you know.

On the next day, there’ll be a knock on your door. Open on up boldly. Walk into its arms, into freedom’s arms, for your last dance. The one you’ve been waiting for.

And then, let go.