To my parents, on their Adventure Day. Happy Moving. The world is lucky to have you.

Mirroring the Great Palm,

you joined yours to make a home

way back when.

At times you grabbed on firmly

to protect us from harm

and then you let so loose again

to let the sunshine in,

so we could dance in the rain.

And alwaysalways, you were our living home,

never merely the bricks.

And when our adventure days came,

you set us free

to let us fly high above the clouds,

always confident

that new hands would catch us.

And now that you are taking off, too,

to fly high above the clouds

on to new adventures,

I, too, trust that there’ll be hands

to catch you when you fall,

to hold your hand when you’re afraid,

to clap with and applaud for you,

to raise you up again on the next day.

And alwaysalways,

there’ll be the Great Palm

that’s always open,

always beneath and above us,

always gently blowing us a kiss

into the warm summer breeze.