It pains me to write this. So much.

Why I haven’t written in so long

you may ask.

I’ve tried, believe me, I’ve tried so many times

and always put the pen back down

in a hurry, leaving the page as empty as before.

Oh, oh how that word pains me! With iron claws it chokes me

and wrings all emotion out of me until I’m

paralyzed. Time is on its side, because it screams at me yet again:


The emptiness.

Darling, I wanted to write

to you and about you to capture

my love for you,

the one that makes sights smell and tastes sound,

the one that makes magic and sense.

But instead, all I ever heard was my heart beating frantically

alongside others in the human race.

No matter how hard I tried, I never heard any words that I could give to you.

So for now, take the beat, please,

before that’s taken, too.