Lenten Letters

According to this test, my top two Love Languages are Quality Time and Words of Affirmation. These results explained everything – this blog, my linguistics major, my archives of diaries and letters… Yea, I wasn’t surprised.

This is the third consecutive Season of Lent in which I commit to writing 40 letters in 40 days.

Because it’s not about giving up

or giving in.

It’s juts about giving.

The first year, I only wrote to friends I hadn’t (electronically or personally) talked to in one year. The second year, I only wrote to people who were afflicted in body, heart, or mind. This year, I am expressing my gratitude to those who remind me of my larger purpose as I prepare for the second graduation in twelve months.

And so for the next 40 days, I will begin every morning a little earlier. I’ll make a cup of coffee, return to my desk, and write a letter. I can’t wait, I just can’t wait.

Happy Writing to me, Happy Receiving to you, and Happy Giving to us all. Happy Lent.