Declaration of War. Of Love.

…And the children keep on crying.

…And the children keep on starving.

…And the children keep on dying.

…And the world keeps turning round

as if nothing is happening.

For the last six days, I’ve been waking up extremely angry.

Angry that children are crying.

Angry that children are starving.

So, so angry that so many



sacred lives are lost

to violence, illness, and neglect.

I tried to find solutions

as long as the sun was up on Monday

and on Tuesday

and on Wednesday

and on Thursday

and on Friday

and today.

But every time, I ran into

power games,

money issues,

and ego fights.

Every single time, I got hung up on

adult politics.

Every night, I fell to my knees and wept.

Wept and wept and wept.

My heart had been broken,

broken for the children.

And so I prayed, each night:

Please, make me an instrument of

Your Peace,

Your Hope,

Your Love.

Life cannot be compromised.

Love cannot be diluted.

And I cannot give up.

Enough now.

It’s time to fight.

It’s time to fight all false facades,

all tragic injustices,

all unkept promises.

And so I’m rolling up my sleeves to

write my own script

and love,

love every day

and in every way

that I can.