To you, I plead

Find me,

every day anew.

Stop me, radically.

Drag me, into the now, into the here.

Then, break me, mercilessly.

Expose me, all of me.

See me, know me, please.

Then, let there be healing,

I plead.

Because what’s at stake is


I rarely put my writings into context, because, after all, they’re Art and have a voice and a life on their own, right?

Well, this one’s going to be the exception to the rule. This piece is inspired by many powerful words that reached and moved me in the last couple of days.

I’ve come to realize that I marvel at brokenness, rawness, and vulnerability. I want it. I want to tremble in its presence, and then walk toward it, even if can only crawl on my knees, weeping. Because trembling – with fear and rage and any other deep sentiment – means living rather than dying. It means being invested, caring, desiring change. And this process, eventually, results in a great awakening to see a great light, a sourceless kind of light. The light within us that compels us to set the world on fire. On fire with hope, love, and peace.

A happy Wednesday to you all!