Womanhood. A Gift.

It’s in my breasts, my hips, my lips.
It’s in my period pains and lipstick stains,
it’s in my name and talk, my dance and walk,
it’s in my sisterhood, and it is in motherhood.
It’s true for me, inside and out,
and it’s attractive to you. Sometimes, anyway.
Either way, it’s womanhood.
It’s a curse and a blessing, a question and a lesson,
a clear truth, an eternal mystery.
It’s personal, womanhood, and inherently relational. It’s a gift for me and from me to you.
It’s exploited by those who want it, and celebrated by those who also want it,
and so I ask what it is
about womanhood
that makes you lose your mind and heart,
and your principles.
I’ll never know and yet I do,
every day anew,
the concert, the painting, the breaking free and the chaining,
the silent sob
and smile that it is,
One part of the Human Paradox. The Divine Image. Our Tragic Togetherness.
is what womanhood can look like, according to my good friend, Josh.
Your specific brand of womanhood is one of the most legitimate magicks I have encountered in this life.
Not because it is perfect and independent, but because of its inspiring beauty, its world-impacting dynamism, and the unremittent strength by which you grasp it. It’s the most frustrating beautiful contrast, because on one hand I get to say I know someone like you. On the other hand I don’t know anyone else like you. Your womanhood is a light by which I find so many others to fade. It is strong, it is real, and it is far transcendent above any form of negative male impact. Perhaps it’s even beyond you, if that makes any sense. I know it’s beyond me.
These words I know to be true, but not by reason,
just as I know my womanhood to be true.
When things are neither good or bad,
neither black or white,
neither do or die,
when they are your way and my way,
when they are yours and mine,
I just know them to be… necessary. Utterly necessary.
And… womanhood is one of them,
as it remains one of the integral parts of the human condition.
And for these words, Josh, I am utterly, utterly grateful. And to be honest, it’s also beyond me, the entire thing. And that’s good. Lots of room for growth and expansion and exploration. Over the course of an entire lifetime. Good, that it’s only just begun.