Object of Love

Don’t be the object of their love.

The woman told me. She was older. She still carried with her the mystified aura of a new acquaintance, of someone special.

Next time, stay.

She urged me in her final sentences.

Lean into it. Rest in it. Sink deeper and deeper into it.

I was… perturbed. We’d just met… How did she know?

But why?

I asked her instead.

And see what happens.

She said. I guess I can do that.

But don’t run from it. Love’s never out to get you. They people who carry the love might, because they’re understanding it incorrectly. That’s the risk you’re taking. Take it. Life’s too short not to. Not to feel.

Alright, yes. But… that’s hard to do when that’s been the default – not necessarily of choice, but of… circumstances of leaving.

But I guess I’ll try. Because you said it so beautifully.