Don’t Know How

Way back when

we first met,

I didn’t think I would ever like you.

Let alone fall for you.


I also didn’t think I’d think of you.

Let alone miss you.


But… I did,

fall for you.

And I do,

miss you. These days. There you go. The truth. The truth I didn’t want to be true. Ever.

So what now

that time and space

aren’t on our side anymore,

never have been,

maybe never will.

Maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better,

right now,

I don’t know.

Just know that…

you’re great.

Really, really great.

And that I’m glad to call you a part of my memories. Of my expectations for the future.

I guess all that’s fair of me to say right now is

Thank you.

Thank you.