There’s no stillness

and no silence either

when youth and freedom

are around.

There are days that never end

and nights that last forever

and there are many more sunsets I’ll

never see.

There’s bare skin

and lots of noise

and chaos

and confusion


and so many colors.

There are colors that I can


on your closed eyelids

that twitch

as you dream of a better tomorrow.

There are colors that I can


on your feet that have climbed mountains,

crawled through valleys,

trodden through the mud

of growing up.

There are these bright, shining colors that I can


in my finger tips

and my toes,

and the corners of my smile

when I’m with you. Together is a wonderful place to be.

Nostalgia tears me apart

as fall begins to roam the streets.

Nostalgia for summer,

for heat,

for sleepy mornings

for blissful ignorance.

As these nights get colder

and the mornings darker

there’s this longing that pulls me toward


and there’s this prickle that propels me back into the arms of

the world. I don’t want to be safe.

And there’s this great,

great sense of urgency

that I must not wait,

that I must act.