dear new friends

thank you just thank you

for being you and for being in my life.

every day i wake up

is utter disbelief

that this is actually my life

with so much laughter incredible food dancing adventures inspiration amazing work

and you all in it.

the memories we’ve already created together in the last couple of weeks

are among the best of my collection of twenty-one years of amazing living.

truly, they are bright and they shine through the darkness

of feeling alone and lost every now and then.

so as i get ready

in the mornings

the foggy cold fall mornings

i will continue to say my prayer of joy and gratitude

to have found this place at exactly this time

and all of you.

in the days and weeks and months ahead

let’s continue to celebrate our youth and our freedom.

let’s feel the prickle and the urgency and the longing.

let’s share the tears and the fears

and all the blessings that are far greater.

let’s get to know one another.

let’s grow out and deeper and beyond

but never up.

here’s to life. to all of it. and it’s only just begun! we’ve got time! (let’s pretend we do anyway!)

with so much love,