You don’t believe in magic?


taking a cold shower.

Sending a letter.

Reading a new book.

Learning a new word. Maybe a new language.

Smelling the fresh cut grass.

Sleeping underneath the stars.

Roasting marshmallows in the open fire.

Dancing somewhere outside. Just… somewhere in public.

Singing louder than usual. And outside of the shower.

Rolling down your windows. Feeling the wind. Turning up your favorite song. All the way.

Rolling up your sleeves. All the way, too. Doing the work you feel called to do.

And, also, doing what you want, not what you should.

Laughing out loud. From deep within.


Climbing a mountain. Or a tree. Just… somehow changing perspective.

Solving a math equation four different ways. And then drawing it.

Writing a short story. Or a poem. Or a diary entry.

Going for a run. A long one. Or… a walk. It’ll make coming home special.

Telling a ghost-story.

Kissing in the rain. Passionately.

Letting go.


And trying again.

So, find your ingredients. Yours.

Mix and stir and say the phrase. Do the dance, if that’s what you need to do. Just don’t care about what the others think.

Just believe it’s real.

And then wait.

And just see what happens.

Because after all, you’ve got the most important ingredient of them all

for your alchemy, for your magic.

You’ve got time.

You’ve got today. And the hope of tomorrow.