Yes You

“It’s been done before.”

They always say.

“The strategy.”

“The invention.”

“The intervention.”

“The trial.”

“The right turn, and the left.”

“The walking and the talking.”

“The trip.”

“The recipe.”

“The outfit combo.”

“The decorations.”

“The parenting.”

“The dating.”

“Even the breaking up.”

Some will even say

“Even the mistake.”

And some last, rare ones, will be bold enough to claim

“Even the song.”

“The painting.”

“The story.”

“The art.”

But they forget one thing.

They forget


Because while yes, it’s been done before,

the topic and the theme and the fascination and the irritation and the frustration and the passion,

it’s never

been done

by you.

So yes,

do get to work,

and make it yours.