You know the ends of my sentences. You know the questions to my answers.  You know when to just listen.

You know when I say ‘No’ and mean ‘Yes’. You know when to tell me to just say ‘Thank you!’.

You know when to call, ask for a dance, and just.. leave me alone.

You know how to make me smile.

And laugh.

And shut up.

You know when to talk, when to be silent, and when to hold me.

You know my strengths. And my weaknesses.

You know my failures. And my hopes.

You know my favorite kind of beer and my favorite kind of chocolate.

You know the difference between my written and spoken words. You know what to find between my lines.

You know my smell. And my silhouette. And the color of my eyes at – every time of day.

You know the landscape of my body, of my mind, and of my deepest fears.

You know my tears, even the invisible ones.

You know my daily paths, even if you’ve never walked them yourself.

You know my steps before I’ve made them.

You know my destiny.

You know me. 

You know.

And yet, you stay. And love.

And I’m glad you do.