By the womb and bosom,

by the arms of my father,

I am carried.

By our earth, the seas, and the horizon,

by my feet and body,

I am carried.

By the morning sun, the stars at night, and the ever-changing moon,

by our expansive universe,

I am carried.

By yesterday’s lessons, today’s opportunities, and tomorrow’s promise,

by my counted days and little eternities in them,

I am carried.

By you and her and him and them,

by us,

as family,

I am carried.

By feelings and intuition and imagination,

by the Spirit,

by formulas, analyses, questions, and doubts,

by miracles,

by the human condition and human progress,

by Divine intervention,

I am carried.

By the music of our ancestors,

and your dance,

and your kiss,

I am carried.

By the prayer

spoken in the language of your heart

and mine

and neither

and both

I am carried.

I am carried by faith, by hope, by love. By one God.

I am carried.