“Missing” Echoed

Yesterday, I received the following message in response to my latest blog post on the painful feeling of missing dear ones. The message is filled with a wisdom that moved me deeply; it is now printed and up on my wall as a reminder that in order to have and deepen the human condition, both joy and pain are necessary. Its author, Katherine Foley, has kindly agreed to share her message here on Alltagsmagie:

“Your latest blog post touches my heart. Hang in there and let the words help heal. Or don’t — just because you feel broken doesn’t mean there’s anything that has to be fixed. Sometimes, I think that feeling sad isn’t a wrong thing at all — just something less pleasant, you know? It’s still important, and though it may not be beautiful like you’d like it, it has that human beauty in the sense that it’s a shared experience among all of us at some point in our lives.

Praying and thinking of you,
Thank you, KEF, for your words!