Being From and Living In and Feeling Home: Three Answers.

Thank you, America, for presenting me with the question

Where are you from?

and the answer

I’m from [first home]. And from [second home], [third home], and [so on]. And I live in [this special place that I also call ‘home’ but that’s potentially very different from the previous three/… places]. I feel home [being here/doing/eating/wearing… this.].

“I’m from Germany. And a little two years from Rabun County, which is located two hours north of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and a little one year from Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, and a little three years from Washington, D.C., USA. I live in Boston, USA. I feel at home wherever I’m loved and love.”

Happy birthday, dear America. Thank you for teaching me that I can be home, feel a certain homeness, in wherever people love me and wherever I love people back – in whatever language. I look forward to our sixth anniversary in a little over a month – and to a seventh USAyear in your stunning city of Boston.