Hold your breath,

open your eyes,

and be so, oh so still,

my dear,

because the moment is fleeting

and the star dust on us ever so light

that if you breathe too loud and wink in the winds

grace will be gone


Whispered I

ever so quietly

into your ear.

My dear, let’s dance and twirl and dip and jump

and push and pull and hold

each other in the star dust rain

that engraves our youthful silhouette

golden into the darkest night

before tomorrow comes.

Gargled you

ever so cheekily

and butterfly-kissed my nose.

In star dust rain

we danced at first

and then stood ever so still

to see it settle upon us there

on every single limb

and memorize our shape in gold,

the finest of youth and faith

that steadily trusts in the joy of Now

– that would endure the  parting dawn.

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