There I walk

through silent halls

and other dimly lit spaces,

that capture ancient, dust-covered times

and minds so great as winds.

In awe

I walk

and stand

and watch

and bow to Human Creation

– to Expression Pure in holiest forms

made by hand, by kin of mine.

The exhibits gently

gather the spirits

of humans so long lost

in time and space and eagerness

but remembered forever

in their expressive force

that stirs me now

and you thereafter

and pioneers for them forever.

Truly, here I find my meeting place

with those who’ve come before

– who’ve touched and moved and scarred and dared

to leave their mark behind.

So, briefly now, I find my peace

in this expansive place

that holds, cradles, and gently

caresses universality of mind and individuality of kind.

I’ll come again

one day so soon

and we’ll meet again once more.

Until then,


give me courage and strength

to express in colors, strokes, and moves

the innermost holiest that’s divined,

never defined.