Stained Glass Windows

Life isn’t like body-paint.

Toddlers, children, and adolescents aren’t blank canvases on which the older folk gets to haphazardly finger-paint the world’s hurting frustrations and breaking expectations. If that were true, we’d all be the same, unidentifyable brown slush by the end of our little infinity.

Rather, we are never-ending windows, stained glass windows, that are made up of colors and patterns that we get to call our very own. Two artists’ interpretations of love unfolding in God’s very own color-palette makes each of us a masterpiece.

Throughout our lifetime, therefore, our windows are brought to life by the light that other people shine on us. In this grace, they brighten up the Cathedral of [Please Insert Your Word Here. I suggest Humanity or Life or Love], our holiest place of worship.

I and you and we all have

true colors.

But mine won’t shine

unless you shine

a light

your light

so bright

on me.

So when that moment finally comes

we’ll be blinded

for a bit

by the beauty

that neither of us could have conceived of

by ourselves.

And when you turn away again

they’ll grow invisible to the world again

my colors.

All that will be left of them then,

for ever,

will be the fleeting memory

imprinted in the hearts

of all those who Saw.