Reflection Time

A Much Appreciated GuestPost. (Words and Photographs) By AVC.

Life is a mystery. Sometimes, reflecting upon ourselves and what our wants, needs, and desires are can be a mystery, too.

During this season of self-reflection, let us be aware of the lessons we can learn from literal reflections in our natural and daily world. Please rearrange the photos to create your own story and, even better, take notice of the mystery in reflections that touch your everyday life.


Life will send you in many different directions… Some (un)expected… Some (un)happy…


Through it all, remember there is more to life than meets the eye, and sometimes we can’t distinguish one thing from another… and sometimes we shouldn’t…


So while everyone hustles around you, take a moment to make a beautiful memory and let your soul indulge in a sweet breath


Maybe you’ll spot something or someone you hadn’t seen before


Or maybe you’ll forgo directions and take a path less traveled