For you

It started with you and Dad and God

and then became the word

– my word, your word, our secret word –

that’s more than just a name.

So way back when I still spoke God

and not yet earthly words,

when you and me were all there were,

I’m told I spoke you first.

According to you

and a million years

of human growth in love

your name was the first to caress my mouth

and my ears and yours as well.

And just like that, the word came out

through the pinkest lips so small

with an M at first, then another one

and in the middle, two vibrating As.

Of all the words

the pretty ones

that one came hot and small

and existed then

in you and me

and the world forevermore.

It’s natural, you know, your name

and so is our bond

and so is what comes out of us

the love all humans need.

After this word, the beginning one,

my infinity then began

and is in full swing today, I live,

who knows how long it will last.

But in my time

my infinite time

and yours and ours on earth

I say it again and again and again

to call you, love complete,

to soothe my soul on this crestfallen globe

and stay in love at last.