The LipstickLife

“Lust is red.”

the literature says

in stories, books, on shelves.

So, based on this,

those men who read,

think I paint it on, at night,

so red onto my lips.

Oh silly lover fools, be told,

this is not the case!

Just because all your picture books claim that

lust belongs to men

doesn’t mean I borrow it

for a night or two in vain.

I paint it on, myself, at night

and in the mornings, too,

that, indeed, is true,

to leave a mark on you for a while

because I could hurt the


or heal the


in many other ways.

But those are tombstone poems cold,

the people’s  lifetime deal

and lipstick

is just the small

way for me to feel the thrill

of changing once and for all

or maybe only many times

and only a little bit

the way you look at me tonight

so we could be in longing lust

two souls

forever young.