Waves. He’s Leaving Today.

Don’t look back

at me

as you’re leaving.

It knocked on your door

and you opened on up


as we all are supposed to

when it comes.

Through the open door

you walk into the open arms

and linger

in the loving embrace.

We’ve embraced, too, each other,

but we can’t linger,

gotta move on,

when it knocks,

because things could get better.

Scratch that, actually. It’s best now.

We ought to say ‘Yes’

just because we can,

because in it

we echo the ‘Yes’ that was said to us on the day

we first became

and so we become

more and more

our best selves.

So as I wave at you

in gratitude and just a little bit of


look straight ahead

and know

that someone’s got your back.